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1 PLEASE READ FIRST: FORUM RULES on Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:29 am


Just read these rules carefully, and you should be alright.

Bad Language- Please refrain from using bad language, censor with a [Bleep] We probably soon will have young people coming to this site, because it is a site for all ages. Failure to do so will result in 2 warnings and then a suspension.

Insulting and Flaming- Please don't insult and/or flame other members, doing so will result in a warning and then suspension.

Trolling- No troll wars are permitted in the forums, if anyone trolls they will be sent to an automatic suspension

Spamming- No spamming is permitted, if you are spamming you will be given a warning, then a suspension, if it gets to serious, it may result in a permanent ban (or permaban for short).

Gravedigging- Please don't dig out old topics that have been forgotten.

Advertising Your Website- You may not advertise your website anywhere on the forums except for in your signature.

Mini-Modding- If you are not a moderator, please don't act like one towards other members by telling them not to post something in a particular forum, I will move it if necessary.

Pornography- DO NOT POST ANY TYPE OF PORNOGRAPHY OR HENTAI!!!! If you do, you will be immediately PERMABANNED! I'm trying to keep the forums as clean as possible.

Alternate Accounts- Please don't make an alternate account (or alt for short). Doing so will result in the alt being permabanned, as well as YOU being permabanned!

Disrespecting Staff- If you disrespect the staff in any way, I will have you suspended.

A short suspension is a week ban (7 days)

A suspension is a month ban (30 days)

A permaban is a permanent ban FOREVER!

Thanks for taking you time to read the Forum Rules, have fun here at The Indigo Plateau!

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