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The Ranking System

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1The Ranking System Empty The Ranking System on Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:49 am


The ranks of this site are based off some of the trainer classes from the games. Here they are:

Youngster: 0 Posts
Bug Catcher: 50 Posts
Jr. Trainer: 100 Posts
Cool Trainer: 150 Posts
Black Belt: 300 Posts
Ace Trainer: 500 Posts
Pokemon Master: 1000 Posts
Gym Leader: They are the co-administrators/moderators. You can only be assigned this rank by me.
Champion: That's me doofus, and no, you can't become Champion. EVER.
Banned: Trust me, you don't want this rank, but if you do get banned you will have a Team Rocket Grunt sprite as your rank picture.

And that's the ranking system for ya. Have fun! Wink

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